CoeoSpace’s CoFactor: What Can It Do for Me?

The coFactor, CoeoSpace’s innovative online commercial real estate assessment tool, provides assistance to both property owners and tenants by appraising and valuing real estate factors that have traditionally been difficult for potential tenants to evaluate without an actual visit to the space.

As a property owner, your space’s coFactor can set it apart and make the listing more immediately visible to potential tenants. As a business owner, the coFactor can help you find the right space, faster.

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What Goes Into the Analysis?
Through the coFactor, real estate properties are appraised based on factors including amenities, features, and geographic location. Top properties are then awarded a badge—gold, silver, or bronze—to reflect the score obtained.
While the precise algorithms are proprietary, CoeoSpace’s coFactor is comprised of three main categories – Wellness, Community, and Atmosphere. Factors such as whether the property has a LEED or WELL Certification, a tenant lounge, an on-site conference center, and/or proximity to public transportation are some of the variables included the calculation.
Helping the Property Owner
The coFactor acknowledges and rewards the hard work that property owners have put into enhancing their properties. CoeoSpace prominently displays the coFactor badge on each space card, as well as the space details page. In addition, property owners and brokers are permitted to use the coFactor badge to promote their buildings and spaces on any marketing materials.
The coFactor is automatically calculated when a property owner displays its move-in-ready space on CoeoSpace’s risk-free online platform. A CoeoSpace coFactor serves to set a space apart from the rest of the pack, helping to the right tenant to identify it quickly.
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Helping the Tenant
A company’s core values and culture are increasingly important in recruiting and retaining top talent, and one immediate and physical way to demonstrate this culture is through a company’s choice of office space. By using the coFactor, companies can rapidly and easily identify those available spaces that best fit with their corporate culture.
Is innovation a company core value? Then open office space that encourages creativity and collaboration may be a priority. A company that prides itself on being environmentally friendly may be looking more for bike racks and green lighting and fixtures. The coFactor allows companies such as these to immediately narrow their search to only those office spaces that suit their needs.
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CoeoSpace’s coFactor provides today’s companies with a direct path to finding world-class tenant experiences—without sacrificing speed to market initiatives. It provides a modern, on-demand standard for measurement and valuation that speaks directly to today’s tenants.
When a company needs a tool that will narrow an online commercial real estate search beyond simply location and number of work spaces, there is the coFactor.

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The coFactor is free and available anywhere in the United States. And it’s coming soon for coworking spaces.

Written By:
Kim Pierson for CoeoSpace